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Written by Machella Goad   
Friday, 20 April 2012 14:18

A “pretty good girl,” but living in sin;
wanting forgiveness then sinning again.
Fooling herself and all those around,
deep down knowing she’s on unstable ground.


Familiar with God, yet still so unsure
of how to become spotless, white, and pure.
Not even knowing the filth that He sees,
the sin that should cause her to fall on her knees.


And so she goes on, her potential is smothered,
so many blessings she hasn’t discovered.
Allowing her life to be carried away,
not doing enough to find the right way.


What will it take to make her see
she’s serving the evil one and must be set free?
Free from the chains of confusion and guilt
bound to a new Master whose house is strongly built.


It takes one who loves her willing to share
the wisdom of God with such patience and care.
It is then when she finds that it takes so much more
than being content with the devil at your door.


After much study, reading, and weeping
she realizes it’s not God’s commands she’s been keeping.
So humbly she seeks His forgiveness in prayer
and submits to Him fully, wanting His spirit to wear.


As she meets the blood of Christ in that watery grave
she finds peace having access to God’s power to save.
Putting on Christ Jesus brings peace, at last,
and the sin that once trapped her, is now part of her past.


She is sometimes reminded of the fear that prevailed
Over the lady who tried the way of the world, but failed.
And then she remembers those with love so strong
who cared enough to help her even when she was wrong.


Now as she longs to help others in need,
following Christ’s example, planting the seed,
she hopes to find those who are seeking God’s way,
telling them of His blessings upon those who obey!

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